TPU  -  Thermoplastic PolyUrethane

All A Trading is an official export channel of DONGSUNG HIGHCHEM ​which have been specially developed for use as raw materials in the manufacture of adhesives for the automotive, furniture, shoe, and others industries.

We supply  that used as the basis for making toe puffs & counters, which are employed in the shoe industry.

TPUs supplied in flake form for the adhesives industry.



Some of the many specific advantages offered by NEOTIE series adhesive polyurethanes, dependent on the grade used, are :


1.  Very high bond strengths
2.  Good green strength
3.  Good adhesion to widely ranging substrates
4.  Excellent heat resistance
5.  Good stability of viscosity 
6.  Good hydrolysis resistance
7.  Easy heat reactivation
8.  Good stability of solution state under low temperature

DETAIL : Application

NEOTIE are highly suitable for footwear materials or accessories, garment lamination, furniture products, fire hose co-extrusion, etc. Also, they have excellent bonding capabilities with a variety of materials, such as TPU, PVC, Nylon, Polyester, fabrics, leather, and so forth. 

​There are many kinds of series depending on the usage as below.

**Technical Test Result**


**Solvent Composition Report** 


Dongsung Highchem have been exporting to Henkel Adhesive Technologies in Mumbai and many countries with certification received official organization.